A simple page

Welcoming all Kiritani Hana and Tanezaki Atsumi supporters~  This page is to update information  for supporters.

I don’t claim to own any pictures linked/uploaded on this blog, it all belongs to the owner itself.

As far as possible , please support the original company.

PS: I am just too bored , so I will kill some of my free time by updating things.

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  1. This is quite unrelated to the post but i just want to say you are doing a great job with this blog!!!
    I played trough clover days when it came out and i instantly fell in love with Anzu! While i adored her art i feel like it was the voice actor that really made this character stand out! Her voice was just so kawaii!! >~<
    You must have played much more eroges than me so can you tell me who your favourite Kiritani Hana characters are?
    Also where are you from?
    Im following you on twitter now. I hope you will reply.
    Stay awesome bro!
    – NorwegianboyEE

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I am not really active this few days due to school work~ I really love Kiritani Hana’s voice.Favorite characters? I can’t really decide since I love all Kiritani Hana voiced characters.

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