Amairo Islenauts Impression

I have just completed the trial…… I thought it was good.

The BGMs of this VN are really good……The choice of using the character songs [BGM]

while reading as their point of view is good. Pretty much I enjoyed it a lot.

Everyone was really very cute , with a mixture of a lot of expression.

Masaki sounds extremely cute and was rather quite serious at times, which is a good thing when she get Shirley back from her imagination.


Shirley’s imagination is just funny… And when she voiced her imaginary characters or her friends , Its really funny.

Airi is also extremely cute, pretty much I can’t say much cause it might be a spoiler , I am sure everyone would  enjoy it a lot.


Yune is really a kindhearted girl, very cute….. But I got a bit scared of her for some reasons.But overall she is still a likable character.


Apparently the opening has yet to be released.Can’t wait for it to be release.


26 days more to the release date~ 

Have fun playing the trial Everyone~

PS: Sorry for my bad English. 


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