Impression about ChuSinGura46+1

I have just started playing ChuSinGura46+1, since I have been waiting for it to reach my home.

Pretty much , I have high expectation about the whole entire VN, hopefully it will satisfy me.

One of the reason why I will talking about this because one of the heroines from ChuSinGura46+1 happens to be voice acted by Kiritani Hana.


堀部安兵衛CV: Kiritani Hana

Kiritani Hana sounds really different from other VNs, a mixture of cool and cute. Rather unique I should say.

ChuSinGura46+1 really interest me a lot, not only the story is interesting , at the same time the characters in the story is really cool.

ChuSinGura46+1 is about Edo period, Samurai .  Pretty much people who focus more on stories will  most likely  be the ones who enjoys the VN the most.

Up till now , I really think the BGMs are good and openings look really fantastic.


People who really like Kiritani Hana’s voice should really try this VN. I am sure you will really enjoy it and have a good time playing it.

Lastly ,please support this VN by purchasing it. Thanks.




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